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About Us

AT-Geotech is a regional Geological Engineering and Project Management Company.
We are specialized in performing extensive geotechnical investigation works including laboratory analysis and tests, piling construction and installation, mine drilling and exploration, geophysical, mapping and surveying tasks. We operate regionally through our headquarter in Baku, Azerbaijan. Our Company and our Culture are built on years of leadership and a relentless adherence to our values, the core of which are Safety, Quality, Ethics, and Integrity. These values are what we believe, what we expect, what we deliver, and what we live.

Vision & Mission

Continue being the Geological Engineering Contractor of choice
We are targeted to continue providing consultation to our Clients, Authorities, and Infrastructure Groups on their needs in geological investigation, research and engineering. We have always been a Client-oriented company that strives to exceed expectations and build long-term relationship.
Project Management
AT-Geotech have a systematic approach to Project Management as a discipline to initiate, plan, execute, control, and close a work, achieving specific goals and meeting specific success criteria. Every project we are engaged is an endeavor designed to produce a unique product or service with a defined beginning and end to bring beneficial changes or added values to our Clients and Customers. We have successfuly integrated Microsoft On-Premises SharePoint Server and InfoPath-based digital forms to create a collaborative environment to better monitor and manage project activities. This approach enables us to tackle major challenges of project management - achieving project goals within a given time constraints.
Supply Chain Management
Our professionals are challenged by ever increasing client and internal efficiency requirements. Clients demand accurate and timely deliveries while companies strive to lower inventory levels and cost efficiency. Managing these conflicting objectives is not a simple task and requires a new approach. There is an abundance of data in the operative business systems about supply chain performance and key influences. Currently other organizations rarely use their data for supply chain improvement. To the contrary, AT-Geotech implements Data-driven Supply Chain Management system. We continue evolving the supply model we have to address any gaps in the existing capabilities of utilizing most of the data and turning it into a valuable information in order to keep up with a 24 hour operation.