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Delivering of undisturbed core samples is essential for a good soil investigation contractor. We have more than a decade of experience in a geotechnical drilling. We use a double-core and a tripple-core barrels with sophisticated split tube to ensure the samples we drill remain geologically intact.

We also perform an extensive range of in-situ tests like Standard Penetration, Cone Penetration, various Dynamic Probing tests, California Bearing Ratio, Plate/Point Load tests, Pressuremeter, Permeability, Vane Shear and others.

Moreover, the ground monitoring tools we have allow tracking possible land movements or transformations both during and after construction works.


Tests & Analysis

Our Geological Laboratory is capable of performing an extensive range of tests and analysis. Highly advanced laboratory equipment and tools from major manufactures, such as Humboldt and ELE International, help us cover most of the mechanical, physical and chemical tests. The Lab performs UU/CU/CD Trixials, UCS of Soil and Rock, Atterberg Liquid and Plastic limits, Particle Size Analysis with Sieve and Hydrometer, Standard and Modified Proctor, Direct Shear, CBR, Sulphate/Chloride analysis of soil and water, and other tests.

We apply international standards like BS, ASTM, ISO, DIN and also consider local requirements during execution of lab projects to deliver the most accurate results to Clients.



There are many reasons geotechnical engineers would recommend a deep foundation over a shallow one. Some of the common reasons are very large design loads, a poor soil at shallow depth, or site constraints. However, the majority of piling installation works we face are done with a purpose to increase load bearing capacity or avoid a ground collapse at a work site.

It is important to first perform a soil investigation of an area as it helps increase accuracy of a pile design and minimize construction costs. We typically put deep foundations in place using excavation and drilling and can construct piles of various depths and sizes made out of a steel-reinforced concrete.



Exploration drilling is at the beginning of any mining operations. We offer both surface wireline and underground drilling services. We utilize diamond drill bits to produce cores in various diamters from PQ to BQ. The drill rigs we possess are capable of inclined drilling with flexible angles: 45°-90° for the Surface Wireline and 0°-360° for the underground mine drilling.

We also offer RC (Reverse Circulation) drilling that produces rock cuttings at the bit which are blown up the hole by compressed air.

Over the years of experience in mine drilling we continuously break our own record of the deepest borehole drilled, that is currently exceeding a kilometer.


Mapping & Geodesy

Our Survey Department specializes in supplying accurate geospatial data, such as cadastral, topographic and engineering survey data to commercial and government bodies. We have invested in aerial drone photogrammetric technology and established survey grade accuracy of the geographic data derived from UAV photogrammetry machines. We have supplied exploration and construction industries with required survey data for years.

Apart of a standard CAD files with conventional data Clients are also provided with a 3D Point Cloud file, Digital Surface and Terrain Models and extremely high resolution Orthophoto Map.

We continuosly evolve existing workflows to provide our Clients with highly accurate and yet cost-effective surveying solutions.



Non-destructive methods of geological research let us evaluate the properties of underground soil or rock without causing damage. We use Seismic Refraction both on surface and downhole, and Electrical Resistivity Tomography to construct a 3D model of a sub-surface geology.

Wise use of such model helps Clients to prepare more efficient drilling plan, consequently reducing numbers of unncessary boreholes and pin-pointing the main areas of interest. The survey and the model can also be done after completing the drilling to fill-in missing geological data in-between boreholes.

Thermal Resistivity test to measure heat conductivity of a soil, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate burried utilities in urban areas and Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT) to precisely detect live electrical cables underground are also among the services we perform.


Drilling and topographic

“ AT-Geotech have provided drilling and topographic services to AIMC. They have been very professional in their approach, methodology and work ethics, and delivered quality performance. AT-Geotech have often carried out additional tasks, have been proactive in addressing challenging situations and through continuous client communication met the objectives of AIMC. I would happily recommend AT-Geotech. ”

Stephen Westhead
Director of Geology & Mining,
Azerbaijan International Mining Company
Professional team

“ I have found the whole team at AT-Geotech to be both professional and efficient in all aspects of their work. I have been really impressed with the service your company has offered, and the way you have dealt with our concerns related to the project execution. ”

Stephen Moran
Managing Director,
ILF Consulting Engineers

Our advantages

A full suite of geological engineering services
A full suite of geological engineering services

As your one-stop geological contractor we understand your project’s geological requirements and needs and ensure the most optimal project execution plan is chosen. You benefit from access to state-of-the-art technology. Our regional presence and capabilities also reduce associated administrative costs.

A can-do culture
A can-do culture

We are experts in geotechnical works, soil investigation, geological engineering, ground condition analysis, both in-situ and in lab. We face challenges of your project with confidence offering best solutions to ensure that your contract with AT-Geotech meets international standards and your expectations while being delivered in a timely manner, on or ahead of schedule and within the agreed budget.

A commitment to Zero Harm and maximum public safety
A commitment to Zero Harm and maximum public safety

Your project will be an environmentally friendly, secure and safe workplace for both the workforce and people around, including users of public services. A minimal environmental footprint for every project will preserve your company’s environmental credentials keeping local communities informed and happy.