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Life-Protecting Principles

QHSE Commitment
QHSE Commitment

Our Executive, Operations Managers, Senior and Project Managers lead the SH&E improvement process and continuously demonstrate support and commitment. All employees are encouraged and empowered to become actively engaged in the safety processes.

QHSE Policies
QHSE Policies

Ardently championed by the Senior Management, AT-Geotech commitments are outlined in the company's “Quality, Health, Safety & Environment” Policy Statement, which establishes and maintains a framework for the Life-Protecting Principles that we adhere to.

QHSE Objectives
QHSE Objectives

We are targeted to protect the most valued asset — our people. All employees are provided with effective safety training in order to identify and mitigate hazards. They are recognized for their efforts and support in working safely.

QHSE Responsibilities
QHSE Responsibilities

Our managers and safety professionals investigate all recordable incidents and serious near misses to identify contributing factors and root causes in order to prevent a reoccurrence. All lessons learned are communicated and implemented.

Safety Program

& Requirements

• Toolbox Talks to start or resume work at site
• Hazard Identification Process
• Task Risk Assessment
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Manual Lifting and Handling
• Slips, Trips, Traps and Falls

• Management of Changes
• Energy Isolation
• Ground Disturbance
• Working in a Confined Spaces
• Scaffolding and Ladders
• Working at Heights

• Routine Work Implementation
• Projectiles and Spark Potential
• Open Flame Hot Works
• Material Safety Data Sheet
• Braking Containment
• Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Training Courses

Control of work in a Permit-to-Work System
Performing Authority

Effective control of work is crucial to safe operations and the people responsible for control of work are central to it. There are a number of responsible roles involved in the control of work, but one of the key roles is the person responsible for control of work at the worksite(s).

Requirements for Working Underground
Confined Spaces

This training is designed for any person in the company who is likely to operate inside or around confined spaces. The course will teach on how to identify and control/eliminate hazards in and around Confined Spaces, as well as, how to operate safely within a Confined Space work environment.

Safe Practices for Motor Vehicle Operations
Defensive Driving

The ANSI/ASSE Z15.1 standard defines defensive driving skills as "driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others." This training is designed for any person in the company who is likely to drive a motor vehicle to/from or inside the worksite(s)